• 1-6 columns (depending on your screen size)

  • Infinite scroll or Pagination

  • A fully dynamic layout that will conform to many screen sizes

  • Optional background image on the navigation bar

  • Navigation background image opacity range from 10% to 100%

  • Posts can be any colour you like

  • Smooth scrolling that can be toggled on or off

  • Change fonts of the header, posts and navigation

  • 5 custom links

  • 4 variations for avatar styles

  • 3 different reblog border styles on photo posts

  • 3 different reblog border radius styles

  • Change the thickness of reblog border on photo post (default it is 2)

  • Post controls can be any colour you like

  • 1 optional photo hover texture

  • 4 different navigation hover styles

  • 13 social media links

  • Post shadow colour can be whatever you like (default it is set to 0,0,0)

  • Change the opacity of post shadow (default is set to 0.3)

  • Change the photo hover colour to whatever RGB value you like

  • Change accent colours to what you like, there is also accent colours for the sidebar called "Accent Type 2" (if your sceen is small there will be a sidebar) input the desired RGB value



  • Do not have more than one photo hover effect enabled at once!

  • Do not modify the code and reupload it! This is not a template.

  • If you want to enable your logo on photo posts enable it with this:

  • Once this is enabled you can upload your logo


The theme may or may not behave as intended due to some unknown changes in Tumblr's updates over the years.

This theme was created at the end of 2016 and the previews don't work the same way as they did when they were first created.