How I Work

Adobe Photoshop

I mainly use Photoshop to manipulate photos, retouch photos and retouch graphics. I use Photoshop in conjunction with Illustrator and After Effects.

I first started using Photoshop in 2007 and taught myself the tools then on.

I have even used Photoshop for frame-by-frame animations, examples of this can be seen in my gallery, pieces such as "Snowcone", "pudding" and more from that series are a bunch of frame-by-frame animations which also do make good use of Photoshop's puppet warp tool.

Adobe Illustrator

I use Illustrator for my iconography, planning ui/ux layouts and vector graphics. I use Illustrator in conjunction with Photoshop, Xd and After Effects.

I first started using Illustrator in 2012 when studying web development and used it to design social media icons and small details. Today I use Illustrator for a number of different things - especially for web-implementation and planning.

Adobe Xd

I use Xd from time to time to come up with concepts for UI and UX ideas I might have and would want to possibly implement.

I use Xd in conjunction with Illustrator mainly.

Adobe After Effects

I rarely use After Effects, it's what I use for basic smooth animations, some examples of this can be seen in my gallery for pieces such as "Singularity" and "The Portal in the Forest"

I have used After Effects for web-related things before too, such as short intro screens. My knowledge of the software is limited but I am able to pick up on it pretty quickly if I want to achieve something.

Adobe Indesign

I mainly just use Indesign for layout based stuff - as it's intended, I use it to write documents as it can do things that word just can't do, I have a fairly decent understanding of it and have no trouble using it.


CSS is a language I am extremely strong with, I'm very confident in my ability to write with CSS. I first started using it in 2012 just before I went to study a certificate 4 in web development.

I picked it up again in 2014 and more in 2015 as my joy for web design came back and I haven't stopped since. My love for coding and web design has only been growing stronger since then.


HTML is another language I'm very familiar with and very confident with, the story to this one goes hand in hand with CSS of course.


JQuery is a language that is still very new to me, there is so much to learn about his language but I do know enough to get me by. I can make basic things with JQuery, like this "accordion" I have made.

I have used JQuery to make light boxes, scroll effects, menus and even to put HTML content into places like the navigation and footer so that content management can be done a lot easier.

Contact Me

Email me at:

Call me: 0420241624

More About Me

Apart from designing I have been a musician for nearly 20 years, I started learning to play the drums two weeks before my 7th birthday in 1999, from there I learned some stuff from my father and pretty much just picked up the rest of it on my own from listening to songs on the radio.

By the time I was 9 I played for the first time in front of an audience, I played at Davo's Pub in Picton in 2001 with the Wollondilly Country music club who I then became a volunteer musician for with my father.

When I was 13 I started taking drumming lessons to get my sight reading skills on track, while the reading skills are good, I just don't have the ability to read and play - everything comes naturally to me, I'm a hear it and play it kind of musician.

In 2009 I got a job teaching drums and stayed in that position until December 2011, my job required me to do confidence building with students, refine skills and teach beginners.

I still enjoy playing drums to this day, in between designing I will go and have a bash on my drums as it does clear my head (if you can believe that) and allows time for me to unwind and get some exercise too.